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Here's what we're all about.

Freewheeler was born in the later half of 2001 in London, England.
Broughttogether & inspired by their love of real loud, ballsy, good-time Rock bands,
like: AC/DC, G'n'R, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd andThe Rolling Stones.

Since then they've stuck to their guns, playing their blend of good honest, 
raunchy Rock'n'Roll to audiences all over the U.K..Combining dirty boogie riffing, 
with upbeat, sing-a-long songs, and a dynamiclive performance full of energy and 
excitement, they are here to drag Rock'n'Roll kicking & screaming into the 
21st Century.

In November 2003 they released their debut E.P. thru Sleazey Records, 
which included live favorite "We Love the Drugs", the southern boogie fest of 
"Cold Affection" and the superb rock anthem "Whiskey & the Pills". Then at the 
beginning of 2004 they won Powerplay magazine's Battle of the Bands, while 
continually gaining airplay from numerous radio stations including, Total Rock & LBC. 
Their rapid growing fan base is a testament to their fantastic anthemic songsand 
truly rockin' live shows, which have also earned themsupports with the likes of:
The Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, Rose Tattoo and Hardcore Superstar.

They've also worked with producer Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Cradle of Filth, etc.) 
and sound engineer Doug Hall (Iron Maiden) and gained fantastic reviews 
for their music across the globe.

Be it live or on your stereo - Freewheeler are here to remind you what 
having a good time is all about, as they rock your asses with the greatest boogie 
Rock'n'Roll around!!


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